Amon Amarth - Siegreicher Marsch

Siegreicher Marsch Amon Amarth
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Композиция: Siegreicher Marsch

Исполнитель: Amon Amarth

Добавлено: 2015-03-19

Время проигрывания: 07:54

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Текст песни:

Ten heavy boots
Over the ground, soaked with blood
Marching in step
Those 5 warriors
They don't mind
How their wounds
Hit by enemy swords
Are hurting down to the bones
The longed-for revenge
Committed in blood
They've shown no mercy
They've shown no mercy
Denying the pain
Who is pounding like a hammer
Suffered from falls
From deadly striked horses
No sign of weakness
Still carefulness
Not even a gleam
Of regret in their eyes
They striked the men deadly
Fed the wolves with meat
And now they leave that country
Side by side
Now on their way home
The 5 warriors who fought without regret
That story of 5 brave men
Is going to be told eternally
Only the grief remains
Only the women alone
The children are bewailing
Living in fear from now on
No man remains spared
No house, no farm remained
No Christian (female) remained not defiled
Her church burning in fire
Her iron shined red
By her enemies' blood
Telling about the victory
Which was given by the gods
When they returned
Blooding but proud
The horizon is burning
And the song sounds loudly

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