Backworld - Leaves of Autumn

Leaves of Autumn Backworld
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Композиция: Leaves of Autumn

Исполнитель: Backworld

Добавлено: 2016-09-04

Время проигрывания: 03:44

Прослушали: 540

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Текст песни:

The curtain draws open on secrets of the dusk
singing by the river our voices raised up
the trees in the orchard bend toward the sound
of leaves in the autumn that fall upon the ground

Weathered in winter, borne up in spring
dying in the summer, till the rains come again
we dance in the garden and wait for the call
of leaves in the autumn that fall upon the ground

We drink from our cup, the sweet poison burns
one dies for longing, and one dies to learn
the flowers of passion rage all around
as leaves in the autumn fall upon the ground

Клип Backworld - Leaves Of Autumn

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