BigBang - Tonight JD Relic English Cover

Tonight (JD Relic English Cover) BigBang
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Композиция: Tonight (JD Relic English Cover)

Исполнитель: BigBang

Добавлено: 2015-08-02

Время проигрывания: 03:40

Прослушали: 665

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Текст песни:

Tonight such a beautiful night sing with me now 2011 follow me
Big Bang Big Bang we're back again one more time say
No way no way we back on top so easily
Big Bang Big Bang don't stop let's play
Ok ok go go go
Ya Had me going crazy for that love, now I think Ive had enough (why)
Cause you tried to keep me shut, and I just gotta live it up HEY
Im never gonna settle down Im a bad boy, but I'm kind
I'm never gonna be the one for you but, let me blow ya mind
When did our love start to die, start to loose the spark in our eyes
Then Im blaming you , you blame me but really nobody tried
Now my heart is totally numb, it looks like nobody won
And Im not hanging myself over you, don't wanna try no more

Where did you go go, oh-eh-oh, Just like a star baby you light up my sky
Where did you Go Go oh-eh-oh-oh-oh but in the end I know that
we'll be alright Hey
Tonight tonight tonight tonight
Baby I know that this aint right Why am I alone tonight?

Feel like nothin gonna take me down (so what so what)
I miss the times when you would come around (no more no more)
Can't take the pain that your dealin, try avoiding the feeling
But You know that I love you girl girl girl

My heart's burning but you say no, with the touch of your lips, just like a blizzard girl you freeze my soul
Take ma soul take ma heart back back to the days when we were young,
Loose the drama lets have some fun, don't think too much it's simple
Goodbye I cant take another night No
Tonight I will turn around and let go
Just close your eyes and forget me
The memories are fadin away

(such a beautiful night)
(good night)

Клип Big Bang Tonight English Cover JD Relic

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