Blue System - Lisa Said

Lisa Said Blue System
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Композиция: Lisa Said

Исполнитель: Blue System

Добавлено: 2017-03-16

Время проигрывания: 04:48

Прослушали: 450

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Текст песни:

Hearts will be broken - oh, one with the sun
I fly to a rainbow - where my love begun
Tears in my eyes - pain in my heart
Baby, don't break apart
How can I lose baby what I never had ?
That's baby one thing that lisa said
The end of our love is the end of my life
Oh baby how will I survive ?

Oh lisa said I'm sorry
I sail my ship alone
Lisa said don't worry
My heart is not your home
Lisa said : I'm crying
'cause I have to go
Oh, lisa said : love is dying
Say it isn't so

Oh, where did you sleep girl - she can not explain
Baby, you hurt to me - I have to complain
The better they are - oh the harder they fall
Baby, I need your call
She danced on the dancefloor
My heart is a mess - a lonely wide romance
She never confess
Just tell me baby where my dreams fly
Baby, don't say goodbey

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