Blutengel - The Lost Children

The Lost Children Blutengel
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Композиция: The Lost Children

Исполнитель: Blutengel

Добавлено: 2015-01-07

Время проигрывания: 04:29

Прослушали: 547

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Текст песни:

See the fire burning in our eyes
Hear us crying out a million cries

Listen to your heart
and tell us what you wanna be
Don't you wanna live forever
Don't you wanna be free

We're the lost children, can you hear us calling
Voices of doom echoing in your head
We're the lost children can you hear us singing
Songs of despair - we're infecting your soul

Enjoy the night,
lick the holy blood from our hands
You're something special and it's time to understand
Don't feel insecure, there's no way back
Darkness is your friend and your friend wears black

Клип BLUTENGEL The Lost Children

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