JDrew & Jasmine V - Good Die Young

Good Die Young JDrew & Jasmine V
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Композиция: Good Die Young

Исполнитель: JDrew & Jasmine V

Добавлено: 2015-01-15

Время проигрывания: 03:21

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Текст песни:

They say the good die young, the good die young that's what they say
Live it up everyday yes as if tomorrow never comes our way
I stay rocking my shades to hide the age shown on my face
Cause when your in the fast lane, tense to speed up the paste
From how I wanna live, with the dreams to do it big
How I wanna be, what I'm gonna be
Used to all be just a dream to me
Now I live it, I do I did it
The clock is ticking can't waste a minute
Until I'm finished, til my time is up
I can't beat a minute I gotta get up in it
Time after time, again and again
Hide to diss from my fam and friends
Cause you are the reason for who I am
Not to mention everyone of my fans
I'm nothing fabricated, I'm just someone who's motivated thats only use to fall from greatness not fall (?)
So Live it up, live it up like it's our last day
Last breathe that were gonna take
Make memories that won't fade away
So right now, right now is all we have
We living in the moment so we gotta make it last
They say the

Клип JDrew ft Jasmine V - The good die young [Prod. By Jiroca] ( LYRICS )

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