Kafar - Freestyle Football International version

Freestyle Football (International version) Kafar
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Композиция: Freestyle Football (International version)

Исполнитель: Kafar

Добавлено: 2016-05-25

Время проигрывания: 03:59

Прослушали: 594

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Текст песни:

yo it's kafar
this is dedicated for all the freestyle football players on the world

this is the freestyle football it's our passion
this is the freestyle football it's the inspiration
this is the freestyle football it's our chance
this is the freestyle football let's go and play

we will continue to play and improve our skills
people don't know us, but they will
we wear the Monta we do the tricks
you can meet us from courts and streets

well you see this game, creativity
freestyle football, it's our destiny
we don't need a coach, we don't need a teacher
this game's feature is just make own of their features

focus n' passion n' will to fight
our - streets like chime
all of the types, styles we like
airs sitdown upper ground

we -
we are not cute like Justin Bieber
we don't play for money and fame
this is sense of life not on the -


We come from the street but we hope
in the future freestyle football will be Olympic sport
but winning are not the most important
we play for beauty and we love that

compare freestyle with acrobatics and dance
just see and check
as - and flares
- we do the shows
like Sean in Paris
like Luki in Poland like Murilo in Brazil

many tricks have our names
triple around the world just like Palle
big tournaments are our chance
we represent our countries and ourselves

this not only a sport and a competiton
this is friendship, memories and creativities
freestyle football brings us together
this is in our heart and will forever


we're kings of airmoves like Skora from Poland
we will be legendary like Touzani from Holland
we train freestyle to meet our dream
the impossible is not in that what we believe

now be focusing show your best moves
you know you are strong you can not lose
this is the final and moment of truth
3 minutes, contestant, 1 ball and you

Szymo, MichRyc, oLi, Kamalio, Nam the Man, FX, Azun, Ren

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