Xe-NONE - Cyber Girl

Cyber Girl Xe-NONE
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Композиция: Cyber Girl

Исполнитель: Xe-NONE

Добавлено: 2015-01-18

Время проигрывания: 04:24

Прослушали: 620

Рейтинг: 0


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Текст песни:

Hide yourself behind profile
In the place for friends there is new lifestyle
In the digital deep there is no trace
Another Cybergirl in the cyber space

Swim, baby, swim
What do you seek behind the screen?
In these illusions of life
In these illusions of feel

You are so disclosed
You are so nude
But no one knows the real you

Let’s dive ‘till the morning comes
Lonely lonely Cybergirl

Lonely Cyber Girl
Lonely Sexy Lady
Slide into the night
Dancing sugarbaby

Lonely Cyber Girl
Acid Black Glow
Always with someone
But forever alone

Hide your face behind make-up
Get on your latex dress and hit the club
You are so sexy with all your delight
You are synthetic Queen of synthetic night

Go, baby, go
Shake shake on the floor
Green light inside
Green light for all

You’re so unreal
From head to toe
But no one sees the real you

Let’s dance ‘till the morning comes
Lonely lonely Cybergirl

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